Spets 1 students practice effective communication with younger students at BISS

11 november, 2015

bip2Students in the Spets, year 1, class visited the British International School to practice their leadership skills by adjusting their communication based on their audience.

VRG students visited with 2nd and 4th graders at BISS.  As part of their bip1Communication course, they were assigned the task of teaching the same skill to both groups.  To  study the role communication plays in the learning process, the VRG students were challenged to adjust their communication to the different age groups to reach optimal learning and engagement.

bip4The results were inspiring.  The older students were excited to test their theories and the younger students were excited to participate.  Putting theory into practice is one of the ways we keep the learning at VRG real and relevant.

Thanks, Sue, for arranging this interesting and informative study visit!

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