In "Shakespeare – more than words", VRG teacher exemplifies "art and science go hand-in-hand"

10 februari, 2016


20160205_144159Last week, VRG English and Religion teacher, Keren Bruce-Westerlund had to miss class.

She is a professional musician who participated in the SVT production, Shakespeare – mer än ord! The production focuses on music and dance from Shakespeare’s plays and time. Keren plays the viola da gamba.  The other musicians in the ensemble play flute, guitar, drums, recorder as well as song.

The recording took place in Själakoret in Storkyrkan. Shakespeare – mer än ord! will air on April 23 at 21.00 on SVT.IMG_7305

It’s ok that you missed school last week – Keren.

We are very proud of your talents and
your dedication to both your teaching and your music.  You inspire us all!  You exemplify VRG’s vision of ”Art and Science go hand-in-hand.”


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